Rotary Die Board Knife Mould Wood Sample Cutter Machine Digital Cnc


Rotary Die Board Knife Mould Wood Digital Cnc Sample Cutting Machine



1 Solve laser die mold quality problem

The cutting precision, width of kerf, the upper and button kerf vertical, the clamping of the  die steel rule blade, all much better than laser die mold, and can keep very long time. Thanks for Yisong advanced CNC control technology and sawing process way, it can ensure the same width of kerf, and upper and button kerf vertical, solved laser die mold quality problem.


2  Improve of clamping of the kerf

Laser cutting will leave a brittle carbide layer kerf on the walls, while in die cutting, the carbide layer will break and fall under attack. At least, the clamping of kerf and verticality will be effected.Yisong Die board Sawing machine, using saw blade processing, leaving wood fiber on each side of the wall, the fiber will add the friction force to the steel rule blade, and the fiber will leave on the wood always, so even after a few times install the blade, the clamping of the kerf can keep the same. Improved the durability of the die mold, precision and reduce the amount of deformation


3  Control and adjust the width of Kerf

Using laser cut die board, the kerf is not precise, all base on operator experience such as how to adjust the laser beam and power to achieve adjust the width of the kerf. Yisong die board sawing machine use the the fixed width of saw blade, processing speed, rate of oscillating etc three factor to control the width of kerf, to achieve quantitative management and control, reduce the quality of human factors on die board quality.


4  Improve the stability of the process precision 

The output power of laser machine is releated to laser generator, laser tube, laser lens,but while using it, those part will become old then the output power of laser is not stable, making die mold quality not stable. Yisong sawing machine using sawing process way, the impact of kerf width is negligible, making kerf width lasting stability.




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