Honeycomb CNC Plasma Cutting Machine , Water Jet Cutting Machine

Honeycomb CNC Cutting Table Production Making CNC Cutter Production 


widely used in different industries

A) Add V cut tool for V cut honeycomb board(you need to add 1,000USD for  add this tool)
B) Add router tool for engraving(you need to add 6,000 USD for add this tool)

Oscillating knife. Drag knife. pen. creasing wheel
option tool:V cut, router and so on new tool we may develop in the future

Infra red safety system protects the operator

adjust by machine key panel


Cut materials like cardboard, foam board, honeycomb, sticker make production of signs,  help sign makers save much time and labor to make sign production. 



Advertising Sign Board Cutting Solution Heavy Duty Produciton Making Cutter Parameter: 


Maximum cutting area:

1.60 mx 2.50 m

Maximum cutting depth:

60 mm (2.3")

Maximum cutting diameter:

6 mm

Maximum motion speed:

1000 mm / seg.


2000mm / s2

Overlap precision:

<0.1 mm

Control panel:

Touch Screen


AC Servo (Schneider)

Vacuum pump:

5.5 KW / (220V / 380V)

Data type:


Machine Voltage:

220 V +- 10%, 50 / 60 Hz

Dimensions (W x L x H):

270 cms x 354 cms x 138 cms (106" x 139" x 54")

Tools included:

Oscilalting knife, non-oscilating knife, V-Cut tool, creasing wheel, kiss cut, plotting pen.

Motor oscilation frecuency:

12,000 / min.




spindle (1.0KW/25,000rpm), KASE-VISION; work station.

Standard Warranty:

1 year

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