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Slim Light Box Illuminated Signage LED Light Panel Engraving Machine ​


AOKE light guide panel engraving machine are applied in grid and V cutting of light guide panel, pmma, plexiglass for manufacturing of crystal light box guide plate, super slim light box guide panel,etc. 



Main features of AOKE light guide panel engraving machine
1 Cutting drawing groove engraving variety of materials like acrylic, plexiglass and other materials with grid or drawing lines.
2 Perfect light guide effects, with even light, automatically adjust the cutting depth of light guide panel plate.
3 High efficiency, average drawing line speed 36m ~ 60m/min.
4 High accuracy up to ± 0.05MM.
5 Special cutting head avoid laser cutting burnt and other defects.
6 Adopt 90 degree vertical industry standards, to avoid large kerf and scratch of laser engraving.
7 No pollution, no odor, no harm to the operator.





Effective cutting area(mm) 900*600 1200*900 1500*900 1500*1200 1800*1200
driving material    Import synchronous belt and steel belt
cutting precision   ≤0.1mm
machine resolution machine resolution:0.025mm 
software resolution:0.025mm
overlapping precision ≤0.1mm
interval precision ±0.1mm
maximum speed 1000mm/s
smallest cutting diameter 1mm(it is according the material)
way of fixing  vacuum pump
 engraving material LGP,plexiglass,acrylic,reflective adhesive,fluorescent adhesive,reflector
working way straight line,circular line,ellipse line and other various line
Tool number 2

tool Sort
special tungsten steel knife/special LGP engraving knife
work time and character continuous work,operating computer and cutting at the same time,linear high-speed transmission for data
transmitting port   international standards:PCI port
intruction set   international standards:HP-GL or DM-PL form can be selected,it is compatible with all kinds of CAD softwares
machine operate language Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
working voltage  220V 50HZ



Light Guide Panel Samples by AOKE LED Light Panel Engraving Machine





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